Cultural Programs and Concerts - Tuesday

21 July, Tuesday


14:00- 17:45 Instrumental Opening

Classical Point


16:45-17:45“Tzafit Yoav” Dance performance

Small stage


20:00-21:00 Amaro Del

The band was founded in 1999; the name itself means "our God". The band members are Roma people who are also committed Christians. The members live in Mukachevo, Ukraine, but they often travel to Hungary. They have also performed in the following countries: England, Norway, Romania, Serbia, Germany, Netherlands and Poland. Amaro Del has a twofold aim: to spread Christian culture and the Gospel, and to facilitate and improve dialogue between Roma and Hungarians.

Micro stage


20:00-21:00 Republic String Quartet

Classical Stage


20:15-21:45 Charleston Dance house

College Point


20:30-21:30 Inheritorz- Budapest Baptist Youth Band

Small stage


21:30-22:30 United

Main stage


22:30-23:30 DJ Indi

Small stage


22:30-23:30 Stu33

Micro stage

Hasonló anyagaink

Main Program Venues = Meeting Points

The programs this year have a different thematic structure from those of the previous years. We considered of importance that the several ages a...

Performers at the main stage

United Before the 2000s the band’s name was ,,Acid Company”. This year it is celebrating its 15th birthday. They had released their ...