Main Program Venues = Meeting Points

The programs this year have a different thematic structure from those of the previous years.

We considered of importance that the several ages and youth with diversified fields of interest all find, interesting and constructive lectures, programs and music productions.

That’s why this year our musical programs are on 3 stages (Main stage; Small stage; Micro stage) for the public, that with it we can make memorable nights for the interested participants in several styles.

Beside this we divide the Starpoint’s area into 6 different community areas, meeting points these are:

Meeting Points             


High School Point

Do you feel unappreciated? Do you feel like an adult, but society still handles you a child? Do you need answers? Then go to the organized programs by us, which we organize specifically for the teenager’s field of interest. There will be specifically girlie and boyish programs, but if you just feel like, you can take part in the gender independent lectures, plays and community programs, too.

A taste of the programs: there will be an escape room, you can become acquainted with the style’s secrets, but if you are still interested in the extreme sports, we can help you with this, too. Beside this you can take part in many free programs, such as foosball, table tennis and you can choose what you like from a specially prepared cocktail bar’s list, if you want to refresh yourself after a hot summer day.

College Point

If you feel young or you are an undergraduate or perhaps you only just applied to university and you are waiting excitingly for the results, then you can find programs you would like.  Here you can lay down the burdens of the high-school graduation and the exam session. During day at “Café El Mondo” coffee shop you can drink a tasty coffee and speak with people with similar interests, or if you feel like you can attend lectures that are interesting for you. In the evenings, if you have strength and you feel like it, you can visit our dance houses.  So far as you are interested in international culture and languages, then you can choose from many programs.

Come and be a part of this experience.

Classical Point   

Today the classical music and the scientific stage are irresistible parts of Starpoint. As one of the 4 featured stages is the classical point a determinative scene of the Starpoint’s image, where the distinguished representatives of sciences and the arts give lectures, exhibitions and concerts. Our church wants to raise future intellectuals from the present youth through its congregations, schools and programs.

The Group of the Classical Point is waiting for every interested person with youthful and lively programs. The head of the stage is Zalán Kovács tuba player, the President the PhD Student’s Self-Government of the Academy of Music’s.

Stimulus Point

In the Stimulus community rooms you can get acquainted with the colourful and diversified missionary activities of the Reformed Church in Hungary, you can try out life situations, such as one that simulates disabilities. If any form of disability draws your attention, you learn more about volunteer opportunities here. Lectures, programs and round table discussions are waiting for you, that touch on issues dealing with many disadvantaged groups in society.

Eco Point

We want you to go on specific journey. We show you a piece of the created world’s miracle. You are a part of it and its treasures works towards your welfare, its problem is your problem, too. Come with us to learn, how you can live well!


Relationship Point

Within the framework of the relation programs the singles and the people living in relationships can find interesting and informative lectures. Including, the search for a partner, the confidence, the social loneliness, the intimate relationships, the conflicts, what make the couple’s life harder and their solutions will here presented.

Beside the lectures we organized speed dates and socialising programs for the single participants, where the participation requires prior registration.

Visit our programs! You are welcome.

Our main purpose was, that this year we can provide various and high-level programs for all, that are substantive to everybody’s interest, with this the materialization of a memorable and happy meeting will be created.


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