Cultural Programs and Concerts - Wednesday

22 July, Wednesday


14:30-15:00 Reformed Church Aid (charity work) with a life-transforming power

Medical assistance after a disaster, helping an old person with shopping, donating to a hopeless family. The volunteers of the Voluntary Diaconal Year are going to speak about the miracles of voluntary work: Sándor Pál, the Chair of the Board of Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA), Lilla Vad, program coordinator, Tamás Albert, member of the medical team of HRCA.

Stimulus Point


14:50-15:50 In whom can I trust?

During our talks, I will help you understand how our sense of trust is taught during our childhood and how our trust is influenced by the people in our lives: friends and families, partners, colleagues and even strangers. What kind of behaviour influences the presence or lack of trust and how is that trust shown? What kind of feelings do we have, how can we communicate and think about them? How can mutual trust evolve? How can it be strengthened and how can we deal with its absence?

The speaker, Piroska Komlósi MD., is a university lecturer and clinical psychologist. (Interpretation is provided)

Relationship Point


15:00-16:00 Living Workshop and Tasting Hour- Salad Bar

Salad for lunch or dinner: not just for rabbits!? Making a good salad is a kind of art. It matters what it is made of! Light, exciting, and quick dishes next to a slice of meat or piece of fish. Or just on its own. Now we show you how to make it!

Eco Point


15:00-16:00 Jamnastyx Streetball Show

Acrobatic basketball show and workshop with the Jamnastyx group

High School Point


15:30-16:30 “…because we are also foreigners and strangers on earth”

Introduction to the Refugee Ministry of RCH

Stimulus Point



17:00-17:45  The Bible in Vizsoly – exhibition opening

This year remarks the 425th anniversary of the first Hungarian printing of  Bible in Vizsoly in year 1590. On this occasion a exihibition will be shown also at Starpoint, which will be opened by Máté Millisits Historian and organizer of the project.

Classical stage


20:00-21:00 “Difficult Boys” Tuba quartet

Classical Point


20:00-21:30 Jam Music Corner

High School Point


20:00-21:00 Choral Island Electric

Our band was formed in 2008. Our goal is to transform evangelical choral music into a light music style. After the release of our first album in 2011, we started to include the electrical instruments. We are recording our second album with the electric instruments and with many new songs.

Micro stage


20:00-21:30 Roma Dance House (gypsy dance)

College Point


20:30-21:30 Szabó Balázs Gospel

Small stage


21:30-22:30 Mary PopKids

Main stage


22:30-23:30 JumoDaddy

Small stage


22:30-23:30 Takáts Eszter Beat Band

The Takáts Eszter Beat Band was formed in 2013 to give live concerts of Eszter’s seventh album: “Faith, Hope, Love”. Since then they have released an extended play with three songs with the title: “Time travel”. A music video was made for the song “Creation”which is featuring one of the famous Hungarian musician Fluor. After two records their first long-playing record was released in June with the title: “If you are too close”. The audience can hear songs from this album during the live concerts.

Micro stage

Hasonló anyagaink

Main Program Venues = Meeting Points

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Performers at the main stage

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