Individual Initiative

“Exodus – Tent of Bible” Brain-teaser Game of Escape

Live it through! – Escape is not a theoretical theological concept here. Creativity, logic, knowledge, skills, and teamwork. We expect teams of 6-12 members, who have 45 minutes to escape by solving brain-teasers. If you are interested, come to our tent to make an appointment. The entry is free but we accept donations.

Every day 13:00-22:00

EXODUS Escape Tent


Korean Cultural Discovery

The Lord Church congregation is one of the biggest congregations in Seoul, Korea. This congregation is member of the Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK), who is also one of our partner churches. Delegation of the congregation is going to serve tea, teach and perform Korean dances and they will also do face painting.  Come and drink some tea, learn Korean dance steps and just learn more about our Korean sisters and brothers!

Wednesday, Thursday 13:30-17:45

Pavilion, at the side of the swimming pool


Find the letter P! - Trust Game

Find the people with letter P during the Festival! Would you trust them?  Even if they disappoint you?  If you trust each other mutually, you get a point. If your mate disappoints you, he takes your points. Collect the points and change them for gifts! This game is being played continuously during the Festival. You can join the game any time at the College Point!


Kindergarten for young adults

Would you like to be a child again? Would you like to make a toy-train and sleep in the afternoon? Come and take part in the kindergarten-lessons led by teachers! It’ s not just for kids!

Opening hours: Every day 14:00-18:00

College Point


Café El Mondo

You can find here exactly what fills you up with energy. You are not in an exam situation although you heart is beating hard? Maybe just because you did take a look at the pretty girl or boy at the next table. Just one wink and you have already added her to your Facebook friend list… Here you can relax a little with dance or a big conversation with your friends. Or you can just quietly look what the others are doing here. Come and be part of this experience. It is more than coffee! In the Café El Mondo you can find exactly what fills you up!

Opening hours: Every day 7:45-9:00; 12:00-19:00; 20:00-23:45

College Point


“Thanks! “ Cocktail Bar

Are you tired or you just want to enjoy a drink with your friends? You can find some lovely alcohol-free cocktail here!

Opening hours: Every day 13:30-21:30

High School Point



Would you like to live a healthy life? Delicious food and drinks, increased energy and slim body? If you are longing for this, visit us at the Eco Buffet, where we are waiting for you with many healthy and Hungarian dishes and drinks.

Opening hours: Every day 13:30-22:00

Eco Point


Ecological Footprint Calculator

How much land area does it take to support your lifestyle? Take this quiz to find out your Ecological Footprint!

Every day 13:30-17:45

Eco Point


Bridge of Love

Bridge of Love was started in 2009 to call the whole Reformed community to act together in terms of social responsibility and to labor across the whole country in small or large groups in social, development or ecological fields; giving real help to villages, institutions, congregations and communities. The Bridge of Love wants to prevent the isolation of small communities. During the Festival you can also join for a short-time voluntary-program and help in Tata!

Thursday 14:00-17:30

Church Aid Tent


Medical Tent of HRCA

Medical Team of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA) is open for 24 hours to provide first aid and medical assistance to the participants during the Festival.


Prayer Tent

You also can pray and be alone with God in the Prayer Tent or come with your friends and pray together. “Pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1Thess.5, 17-18


Market of Opportunity

At the market of opportunities you can find publications on the theme of Starpoint, and you can buy other books on a variety of interesting topics. You can also find out about youth organizations. The following organizations and publishing houses will be represented: Operation Mobilization Hungary; TÁBITA Reformed Support Service; Vasárnapi Iskolai Szövetség [Sunday School Association]; Alfa Szövetség [Alfa Association]; Sófárhangoló Egyesület [Reformed Praising Association]; Magyar Bibliatársulat Alapítvány [Hungarian Bible Society Foundation]; Interserve; Szentírás Szövetség [Scripture Association]; Harmat Press; Halleluja Press; Parakletos Book House; Koinónia Press; Fiatalok Krisztusért Alapítvány [Youth for Christ Foundation]. It is worth taking a look around as there will be exciting programs as well, about which you can find more information from the posters put up at various locations, apart from the room of the market of opportunities.

Opening hours: 13:30-18:45


Starpoint SHOP

Would you like to take home some tangible memories from Starpoint? Come to Starpoint Shop and have a look around. We can help you choose a special souvenir for yourself or your loved ones.

Opening hours: Every day 13:30-18:45

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