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If you are an international participant, please contact us at “”and we will help you with the registration. Different rules are applied for official youth delegates of partner churches than for other guests who would like to attend. Contact us for more information.


Location: Tata, Hungary

2015 Starpoint will be in the same place as the one in 2011. It is not only beautiful but has good infrastructure, e.g. the Tata Olympic Centre where participants of Starpoint can enjoy 25 hectares of land by Lake Cseke.


Getting there

Tata, the water city, is in the Komárom-Esztergom District, whose administrative headquarters are based in Tatabánya. Tata is 70 kilometers west of Budapest and easily accessible by car on the M1 highway, or by train The main highway number 1, and Budapest–Hegyeshalom–Rajka railroad both run directly through the city The M1 (E60, E75) Bécs–Budapest motorway passes by Tata, and it is therefore easily accessible by car, bus or train.

It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure for themselves that they have the proper identification and documentation to enter Hungary.

Why coming by train can be advantageous

The best way to get there by train. You don’t have to borrow a car, you don’t have to pay the fee of the motorway, you don’t have to find a parking lot, plus, unlike travel by car, you can bring all your friends with you on the train. It is just the icing on the cake that you only have to walk 500 meters to the location of Starpoint from the nearby Tata- Tóvároskert train station. If you are not accustomed to traveling by train here is the timetable

The easiest way to get there is by the local train from Budapest – Déli pályaudvar to Komárom. It takes about 60 minutes to go from Budapest to Tata. (térkép)

By bus

If you choose to come on the road instead of track-bound transportation, you can get to the Starpoint location by foot (30-minute-long walk) or by the bus number 5 or 5A from the bus station of Tata.

By car

If you still would like to come by car, Tata can be reached on motorway M1 or highway number 1. It is easy to find but if you need any help, you can check the route on this map.

Don’t forget that you have to pay a fee, in advance, for the motorway. If you use a digital map instead of a paper map, the GPS coordinates of the training camp are: N47.647214, E18.334844. If you want to follow your nose, and if you are coming from Budapest, you have to turn in the direction of Vértesszőlős onto highway number 1 from M1 motorway at exit number 61, then after 8 kilometers take a sharp right turn to the road to Baj. From there it is only 500 meters till the entrance of the camp.

By foot or bicycle

You can come by foot or on bicycle if you are tough, but don’t forget to depart early enough. (If you notify the congregations along the way, you will definitely find accommodation there.)


Unfortunately, we can’t provide space (barn, harbor, runway, etc.) for other, unmentioned means of transportation like horses, fishing boats and airships.


Where to sleep


Participants can sleep in their own tents on the camping site. The site has shower facilities but no facilities for cooking. Bring anything you may need to make your stay in your tent comfortable.   


There is a limited supply of cabins reserved for organizers, presenters, performers and those with special needs (physically/mentally challenged individuals, families), so please indicate in time, if you need this type of accommodation.  There are also numerous cottages and cabins in the area which can be rented at your expense. Again, for more information about these please contact the organizers for help in making arrangements. 

Sheltered accommodation outside the camp site

There are several external accommodations nearby. We offer the information below to help participants who need sheltered accommodation of the camp. Unfortunately, we can’t help in making the reservation or with the payment of these accommodations.



You can order three meals per day at the time of registration. There are some snack bars and grocery stores in the area. Drinks and snacks are also available at Starpoint activities.  Please indicate at the time of registration if you have any special dietary needs we should be aware of.


Participation fee

Participation Fee (in Hungarian Forints [HUF])

Entry fee varies depending on date of registration.

Full festival: If you register until

  • 18th May 2015:  7 900 HUF,
  • 26th June 2015:  9 900 HUF,  
  • At the gate it will cost:  12 900 HUF.

Day Pass: if your register

  • By 18th May 2015:     2 900 HUF
  • By 26th June 2015:     3 500 HUF, 
  • At the gate:                4 500 HUF.


  • The whole festival costs: 9 600 HUF,
  • Full day, all three meals costs: 2 400 HUF.

For specific meals

  • Breakfast        550 HUF,
  • Lunch                         1 000 HUF,
  • Supper                        850 HUF,


Contact us!


Thank You! See you at Starpoint!

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