Spiritual Programs

The ‘Starpoint’, besides being a colorful Festival and meeting point for thousands of youth is, after all, a spiritual event: A place where we want to share fellowship in the presence of God; a time when we want to listen to God, and a place to be attentive to each other.  We trust that God is faithful to his promises and we do our best to set up channels and create spaces where God’s Spirit moves freely. You have many choices: eight different types of morning devotions, around 120 small groups and evening devotions. The keynote speech will be the “central channel” to see, feel, smell, and listen to the message of Trust, which help us to leave the Festival as different persons. The keynote speech gathers all the participants in front of the main stage for 90 minutes, and will be a combination of reflection, evangelization, prayer, visual and sound effects.

Inroduction of the Speakers

Zoltán Sóskuti: Keynote Speaker

“I’m Zoltán Sóskuti, I live in Rákoskeresztúr, Budapest. I serve there as member and pastor of a wonderful community, where I can love and be loved, where I can be myself, where I can be shaped, and where I can give and receive. I love my ministry, I love my wife and our three kids even more, and most of all, I love God, about whom I am always learning more. I’m interested in many things besides my ministry: I’m attracted to history and literature (I myself used to write short stories), by the history of Croatia and certainly the seashores of Croatia … and by music. For long years, I have been playing in a Christian band, writing and performing songs. I try to find time for long walks, to read ancient Christian writings, to have great conversations, to eat well, and to rejoice in life. The most important instruction above all is silence. “Be still before the Lord” – this is maybe the most important message which I would like to pass on.”

Opening & Closing Worship

Koppány Szabolcs Hajdú (21st & 25th July)

I am Szabolcs Koppány Hajdú, and I am a Reformed pastor. I enjoy having a happy marriage. My wife and I have four sons; we live in a village named Lovasberény, near Székesfehérvár. Because of the age limit I could not come to Starpoint as a participant, and that is why I have to smuggle myself again among the organizers… And if I am there, I would like to worship our great God with gratitude through my service, because I have received so many good things from Him, that it would be hard to count. This is why I trust Him. I trust only Him. I remember when that hour came when Jesus said: “Don’t be afraid, because I am with you.” So I did not just stand there anymore, paralyzed, and staring at the sky, and  waiting for a miracle; but I bravely set out. Where did I get the courage? He touched me. And then everything changed. So I have become what I am, with Him. Through Him. This is why I trust Him, and trust only Him.

Morning devotions

Aaron C. Stevens (22 July)

Aaron Stevens is a pastor at the Reformed Scottish Mission, St. Columba’s Church in Budapest. Although he’s only been a congregational pastor for 7 years, he has lived in Hungary for nearly 20 years. He came to Hungary for the first time as a university student participating in a youth camp, and he returned after graduation to teach English at universities and language schools. Then came a time when he felt the inspiration to become a pastor. He returned to the United States with his Hungarian wife and their two sons to study theology. Before he became pastor at St. Columba’s, he worked at the Institute of Protestant Mission Studies as a congregational mission specialist. Aaron welcomes every opportunity to talk to Hungarians about foreigners and vice versa, and even more so when he can talk to people about God and to God about people.

Ottó Pecsuk (23 July)

My name is Ottó Pecsuk, and I am a Reformed pastor. I am married. My wife, Katalin is a teacher of religion and a primary school teacher. We have four children. As the leader of the Hungarian Bible Society, I work with the Hungarian text of the Bible, its publication, and dissemination. I also teach Bible studies and Biblical theology to the students of the Faculty of Theology at Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary. I originally attended Starpoint events to work and proclaimed the Bible. In 2005 I met my wife in Debrecen during Starpoint, and since then I have also returned every time to express my gratitude.

Mark van Bebber (24 July)

Mark Van Bebber is the European Dir. of Entrust (known in Hungary as KIA), a ministry of leadership training for pastors and church leaders around the world. He and his family have lived in Hungary for 18 years. Mark and his wife Beth have been married for 31 years and have 3 children; Christian 22, Allie 20, and Anna 16. Christian and Allie are college students in the United States.Mark has a passion to see people grow in their understanding and love of Christ and loves talking about life, God and grace over coffee.

Evening worships

Szabolcs Szikszai (22nd July)

I am Szabolcs Szikszai. Currently I am a pastor in Kecskemét, serving with young people. A Baptist pastor-friend once told me: “Szabi, the Újragondoló (Rethinker) blog you have been writing becomes your business card”. Indeed, many people have come to know my name since 2010, thanks to my blog [Christian writing from a provocative and fresh point of view]. I’m also interested in everything that is different from the traditional frameworks of the church. Slowly I support the traditions as well. For 17 years now, I had an unbreakable love with guitars. I write melodies and lyrics as well, but I only torment my close friends with them. My other passions are reading and writing.        

István Boldizsár Miklós (23rd July)

I am István Boldizsár Mikló, pastor, husband, father. I’ve been serving in a village called Jákóhodos, Transylvania, for 12 years. I work with the youth of my congregation, as well as the youth of the presbytery. Mainly, I lead worship for youth, and organize retreat days, camps, and presentations. Sometimes my passion for comics and movies helps me to immerse myself into the world of the young people, and this helps me to be in touch with them. I’m also a big sports fan, but unfortunately, nowadays I watch it more than I do it. My service is defined mostly by personal relationships and by emphasizing the importance of commitment.    

Sándor Molnár (24th July)

As a pastor my profession is my work, my hobby and my life. I like the fire and water, the beautiful landscapes, poetry, movies. I am floating a little between the generations, and I ask the question, am I young? I don’t know. To the old ones I am young, and to youths I am older. I understand both groups. My everyday life? Profession, family, home, children. These have all been given to me. Thanks be to God! I am waiting for Starpoint, for those few days among you—with God and with you!


Vespers, praying and singing (23rd July)

23:30-00:30 Prayers for those who are suffering from the war

Main stage




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