Location: Some Words About Tata

Tata is situated in the Tata-basin and it has been populated since prehistoric times.

Numerous peoples - amongst others, Romans, Teutons and Avars – lived in this beautiful and rich land. The town of Tata was always a favorite place for our monarchs. Once, László V. (1440-1457) stayed here for the night with his escorts and the Holy Crown, which his mother had just stolen for him. King Matthias (1458-1490) often travelled to Vienna through Tata by cart or coach – a vehicle invented in the neighboring village of Kocs. After the Hungarians had lost the important battle of Mohács in 1526, the Turkish carried on the invasion and occupied Tata as well. The castle in Tata had 9 different owners in the 145-year-period of Turkish rule. After the Turkish were driven out of the country in 1686, the entire town was revived by the noble Esterházy family. The family made Tata one of the most beautiful baroque towns of its age, with buildings still reflecting their renowned architects’ work. Its latest improvement began in the mid-1960s when the training camp was built there.

In the middle of the town there is a lake called Öreg-tó (the Old Lake) with the castle of Tata on the shore. Next to the castle, you can find the Esterházy palace, then Heroes’ Square, where there is a First World-War monument. A bit further from this lies Kossuth square, the center of the Old Town with the Roman Catholic Parish Church, the Reformed Church, Reformed Secondary Grammar School of Tata, and the Town Hall. Kocsi Street starts from here with the Reformed Church, and on the way up is Kálvária-domb (Calvary Hill) with a look-out tower and the geological park. On the north-west of the castle is the Tóváros (Lake-town) district of the town with its Országgyűlés square (Parliament square), where you can see the Harangláb (Belfry) and the Kapucinus Church. Ady Endre Street starts from here with Hotel Kristály, next to it is Erzsébet square, the entrance to the English Park with the Lake Cseke, the artificial ruins, and the small castle. There are many watermills on the streams of the town. Fényes bath is situated 1.5 km to the northnorth-east from the town center.

Tata, with a population of nearly 25 000, is the town of waters, as there are numerous natural founts springing up in the town and its environs. Also Tata has the respectable title ”Capital of Biodiversity” from 2010. Its Olympic Training Camp was cut off from the English Park in preparation for the London Olympics, because its climate is quite similar to that of London. We hope that streams of Living Water will flow among the Starpoint-ers and on everybody through them.


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